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The NEPTO vision

The visual and artistic experiences shared during trips, exchanges around the world and visits to major art and design venues have allowed us to see the immense aesthetic wealth everywhere around us. This is the essence of the NEPTO’s vision. We have created a brand without borders or limits, which crosses skies and seas to offer you designer and original products. 

Why Nepto? This word came to us in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, aboard our sailboat on its way to Panama, where Neptune is all-powerful and time is running out. This vision of Neptune emerged through this blue immensity, a reflection of the sky in the sea, of the duality of two closely linked natural elements. 

Duality at the heart of our project 

Two founders, two cities, two forms, two collections. Duality is the key word of our project. It offers us a wider field of expression and allows us to work on different designs, and this diversity naturally rhymes with creativity. 

Being French and living in Berlin, we have immersed ourselves in both cultures. The design of the models are inspired by both, the French elegance and the Berlin’s extravaganza culture.

The aesthetic approach 

How to stand out from the current market? 

A Nepto watch is a jewel of character, whose art is to reveal the unique style of each individual. The complexity of a watch's aesthetics is to make it visible through its design and shape while integrating it perfectly into the person's clothing style. This is why NEPTO pays close attention to the shape of the box itself, which will instantly differentiate it from competing brands. 

The balance of geometric shapes is easily appreciated by the human eye. We believe we have succeeded, through slight but visible modifications of the usual shapes, in giving an aesthetic with a strong personality that will seduce you. 

NEPTO Number 1 takes its shape directly from the glass dome of the DZ Bank in Berlin designed by Frank O. Gehry. This very fluid shape immediately inspired us and from there was born our first model.

As for the NEPTO Shield, the inspiration came from the Paris coat of arms, a shield in which we find a boat and the Seine, accompanied by the famous "Fluctuat Nec Mergitur". 

Of course, all the choices of details on the dial, typography and colors are just as important and will offer a product that is both original and recognizable while integrating perfectly with your person. 

The technical approach 

A thin and light watch, with a proven and reliable mechanism, which can be worn every day, in a comfortable way and which will accompany you in all your activities.

In addition, there is a water resistance of 5 ATM which guarantees sufficient waterproofing for recreational aquatic activities and strengthens the watch against changes in conditions it will cross (liquids, temperature differences, shocks, etc.). Finally, the assembly is properly made and carefully controlled in Switzerland, in order to guarantee the longevity of your watch. 

We based ourselves on an extremely reliable Japanese Miyota quartz mechanism, a stainless steel case, a high-quality PVD treatment and a K1 glass close to the mechanical properties of sapphire. The Superluminova offer you another design in the dark side. The mesh and leather bracelets are keeping the style of the models. 

No watches in this price range are currently available on the market with other dial shapes. We have created specific tools for the shape of cases and hands, and developed technical solutions adapted to a watch and bezel as thin as possible. 

Technical accuracy is combined with attractive and sculptural design to provide you with high precision over time and a trendy style. 

Our Story

Our chance meeting in Berlin in 2015 made it possible to forge, over time, a Franco-Berlinese friendship, which led us to join forces to create the watch and lifestyle brand, NEPTO. 

The association was naturally made through our respective competences. 

Vincent Ifrah has a real passion for product design and watches in particular. This attachment to timepieces was born by passing daily in front of a Parisian jeweller whose magnificent watch case was a temptation. 

In addition, he has a very good knowledge of materials and design through his engineering background and family experience. Indeed, his father is a technical designer of motorcycle engines, his sister Laura, an industrial designer. As for his grandparents, they were boot makers and leather workers in the 1960s in Paris. 

For all these reasons, he is in charge of the technical design but also of the design of NEPTO watches and their packaging. 

Florian Fernandez, from a family of winegrowers from the southwest, remains very attached to the French terroir. A great traveller around the world, he drew his inspiration from his enriching multicultural discoveries. 

He was trained at a leading Parisian business school and brings knowledge acquired after several years of experience in the financial departments of various communication companies in Paris and Berlin. 

It dictates the line of communication that NEPTO will follow to best meet customer expectations and to propose design visuals in line with the brand's spirit. 


A huge crush on @neptowatch. A style, a brand, impossible to go unnoticed with this accessory on the wrist.”

@watch_fever / Instagram

“Overall the watch is very unique and interesting.

Alberts Kaminskis / Kaminskyblog