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NEPTO wants to share with you all the talented people who help during this project

Without them, nothing would be done as good and professional as it is now. That's why NEPTO wanted to list all the people who bring some very useful support. We were able to create the brand and all which turn around it in 9 months because of them.

Many thanks to:

Laura Ifrah, product designer, Maisons-laffitte

Aurélien Fernandez, comics designer, Paris

Boris Pirredu, sound engineer, Paris

Marcel Pasternak, designer, Berlin

Marcel Maciej, parliamentary attaché at the Bundestag, Berlin

NTROPY Team, video producers, Berlin

MOTO BEL', racing motorbike team, Maisons-laffitte

Alexis Teno, PR at the Macadam club in Nantes, Nantes

Laëtitia Jny, Montlimart, Nantes

Luis Coelho, developer, Berlin

Stephan Bernard, chef cook at the KULT, Paris

Laurent Hernandez, architect, Paris

Mathieu Ott, advertising, Paris

Anthea Kienzerle, jurist, Berlin

Claire Vandenberghe, graphic designer, London


Created On Wednesday, December 12, 2018 Posted By Mia Ender Comment Link

Das ist eine Geile website!!!
Created On Saturday, December 8, 2018 Posted By Langlois Catherine Comment Link
Félicitations à toute l'équipe. Montres superbes, à offrir à Noël. Belle vie à Nepto Watch

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